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Luminous Films Inc.
14254 Weddington St.
Sherman Oaks CA 91401
Phone: 310-975-9825


Luminous Films Inc. is a privately held corporation engaged in the business of film development, production, and exploitation.

The founder and president of the company is Beth Brickell.  On an as-needed basis, Luminous Films contracts with producers, staff, crew members, and actors for individual projects, and draws on a support group of agents, attorneys, accountants, consultants, and advisors.

The company's mission is to produce motion pictures that are uplifting.

Luminous Films has produced three narrative films for television networks. "SUMMERíS END", "A RAINY DAY" and "MR. CHRISTMAS" won a total of 26 1st and 2nd place TV and film festival awards, and were broadcast on Showtime, HBO, A&E, Nickelodeon and PBS. Currently all three movies are streaming on Prime Video, and Mr. Christmas is also streaming on You Tube, Apple TV and Roku.

The company currently has in development three motion picture projects. Mike and Maud and Black Cadillac, written by Brickell, were double winners of the 2023 Screencraft True Crime Screenplay Competition. They are about what led to the disappearance of lawyer and community leader Maud Crawford in Camden, Arkansas in 1957 and the investigation of the sensational case. A third screenplay, What is Music, also by Brickell, is an adaptation of "Big Doc's Girl", a novel by Mary Medearis that was selected by both the New York Times and New York Herald-Tribune as one of the "Ten Top Books of 1943". Brickell's screenplay won "Best Feature Screenplay" in a competition with over 5,000 submissions at the Moondance International Film Festival.

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