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Library Journal  "A family tale reminiscent of classic holiday films."  January, 2006

Booklist, "A sweet family drama with a surprising twist."  2/15/2006

School Library Journal  "This heartwarming film will be a holiday classic."  June, 2006

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette  "A true gift."  12/18/2005

New York Times   "A heartwarming holiday tale for the whole family."

The Christian Science Monitor  "Mr. Christmas has a quiet charm, far removed from what passes for TV holiday fare."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  "For anyone who's ever complained that TV is filled with smut... For anyone who's ever whined that they just don't make TV programs like they used to... For anyone who's ever complained that TV shows today move too quickly, that all the characters talk too fast... For these viewers, there is 'Mr. Christmas,' a welcome addition to TV's holiday special roster."

Dove Foundation  "This wholesome Christmas special will entertain the entire family."

Film Advisory Board   "Mr. Christmas is a delightful, heartfelt story about family.  About joy!  About love!  About a precious gift!  Wonderful!  An award winner!"

DVD Town  "A Norman Rockwell Christmas card."

FamilyLife Today   "A Warm family film that parents and children will enjoy together."

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