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In December 2004, 2,000 people of all ages saw a rough cut of Mr. Christmas at four preview screenings in Little Rock, Texarkana and Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Forms were passed out at two of the screenings and audience members were asked for anonymous feedback.  Sample comments follow:

Female 45,  Male 55:  Perfect family film.

Female 39:  The storyline was excellent.  Good moral to the story.  I loved it.

Girl, 12:  I loved the WHOLE thing!  It was great!  No improvements!!!  I am surprised that you even need an improvement box!!  Very Impressive!!!!!

Male, 75:  Moving story.  Good casting.  Perfect setting.  Gripping.

Female, 57:  Great story.  It made me cry! 

Male, 67:  I loved the film.  The film really brings the character and flavor of the early 1940s and family-centered nature of those times.  The pain of disappointing his children really came through and their resilience and ultimate joy are excellent.

Female, 35:  Storyline was charming.  This will be a wonderful holiday film.  No suggestions. 

Female, 81:  It was delightful. 

Boy, 12:  Excellent.  Excellent. 

Girl, 9:  I loved it all!  It is a great movie. 

Male, 34:  Well done!  I liked it very much. 

Female, 88:  It brought back many memories of World War 2 and how poor we were at that time.  I enjoyed the film very much. 

Male, 70:  Reminded me of my childhood.  Very real for that time.  Very touching and true in a lot of areas of our country at that time.  Very good like it is. 

Male, 44:  The story was wonderful.  At the ending I did cry a little. 

Female, 50, daughter 13:  We need these kind of family films that our children can view.  These are the kind of films we would watch all the time if there were more of them.  The family was loving to each other and I could feel their pain and emotions throughout.  I felt as though I was there. 

Black female pastor, 52:  It was great.  I could really feel the pain of the father and the fear of the mother and expectation of the children.  It was all good.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Thanks. 

Male, 53:  Great film.  Great story.  Great ending. 

Female, 72:  It was one of the cutest and best family films I have seen in years.  Does not need anything. 

Female, 31:  I loved the fact that I could relate to the mother.  I have laid in that same bed crying because I didn’t know what my husband and I would do for money. 

Male, 21:  Good for the kids.  It teaches that sometimes you don’t get what you want for Xmas.  Great job and neat idea.

Girl, 16:  I loved the ending.  That was darling.  Great film.  I am so glad I was able to see this film. This film blessed me so much. 

Boy, 13, almost 14:  Great, fantastic, outstanding, 10 stars, 2 thumbs up, VERY, VERY, VERY good!!!  I felt sad at points but then it was funny!!  It was terrific.   

Female, 45:  Very heartwarming.  Happy ending – unpredictable.  Gave me tears – very touching. 

Female, 42:  The ending was great!  And so true.  The kids acted like kids.  They were great.  And the mom and dad faced the problems so many of us face today.  It really touched my heart.  It was a good film with a great message. 

Girl, 13:  I thought it was so good.  I loved the ending.  It was a very touching film.  I enjoyed it so much. 

Female, 60:  Very engrossing story.  Good story line.  I liked it very much. 

Female, 58:  It made us think about the real meaning of Christmas.  It brought tears to my eyes at the end.  

Boy, 11:  It was very heart warming but very funny.  I give it a thumbs up. 

Boy, 13:  It was all good.  Great film. 

Boy, 10:  It was all good.  It was funny in some parts. 

Woman, 66:  This will be a seasonal must for years to come!  The characters were strong.  Basic needs are so strongly felt in the movie.  What is really important is LOVE, not things!  Thanks for sharing a non-violent movie with a happy ending for family viewing. 

Female, 52, Male, 52:  Good clean movie for everyone.  Good moral lesson.  Period costumes, cars, city, characters very believable.  Need more films like this. 

Female, 45:  (I liked) the poignancy of the story and the beauty of the ending.  Realistically depicted the struggles and emotions that families experience.  Beautifully portrayed the sacrifices parents make for their families.  Great story.  Great family values.  Well done! 

Female, 30:  The little girls were great and they brought out the laughter and excitement of Christmas time.  The financial pressures were very real and still applicable. 

Female, 54, Male, 46:  The ending was a surprise and great

Female, 53:  This story touched my heart as a parent and grandparent who always wants to give to your children all that they desire. 

Female, 36:  Enjoyed the sentiment.  The father’s feelings of love for his daughters was realistically portrayed.  The disappointment of the father and daughter was realistic.  Loved the ending.  Enjoyed the film and would love to see this kind of thing on TV. 

Boy, 14:  Great Christmas-time movie! 

Male, 68:  It made you feel we were back in 1941.  It was a great portrayal of that time.  The acting was very good and the story touched my heart.  You have a winner. 

Female, 34:  It is a good reminder that joy is the simple things. 

Male, 50:  An important message for our affluent times. 



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