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"A Rainy Day,"
March 15, 1980

A film by Beth Brickell.  Released 1979. 35mm.

After her father's funeral, a well-known television actress (portrayed by Mariette Hartley) confronts long-avoided childhood memories that although painful have helped mold her personality.  Actress Collin Wilcox as the mother recalls what good friends the two were while effectively staged flashbacks with Tracey Gold as a very young Stephanie more accurately depict the mother's imposition of her own dreams of success on the little girl.  Not allowed to play with neighborhood children or to engage in characteristic flights of childhood fantasy, Stephanie was indoctrinated with the need to excel by her mother whose strict discipline was in sharp contrast to the more fun-living attitude of her father.  Exceptional editing and imaginative camera work that reinforces young Stephanie's point of view as her parents quarrel heighten the impact when the adult Stephanie must deal with an aging mother who reveals that her whole life has revolved around her one child.  By accepting the past and its legacy from both her parents, Stephanie eventually comes to terms with herself.  This moving film will be riveting viewing for public library audiences and will be a noteworthy short fiction selection for high school and college film students.  Ages 14-adult.  BAH


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