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Collin Wilcox Paxton as the mother sets high standards
for the child Stephanie, played by Tracey Gold.


Christian Science Monitor, June 8, 1981

"Breaking the ‘Sitcom’ Habit with Two Literate PBS dramas" 

TV Review

by Arthur Unger

     "A Rainy Day" was meant to be totally contemporary, yet it manages to be insistently universal.

     This poignant tale of a mother-daughter relationship, written, produced, and directed by Ms. Brickell, an independent filmmaker, is an exquisitely fulfilled moment in time.

     It concerns a TV star's visit to her Texas home, where she spends an afternoon alone with her mother reminiscing about the childhood experiences which have seemingly scarred her for life.

     What her mother did out of apparent love for her daughter, the effect upon her late father, the impact upon a youngster growing up - all these matters are delved into with sensitivity and emotional authenticity.  It manages to capture the overlapping reality and fantasy in many people's lives.

     Acted impeccably by Mariette Hartley as the daughter and Collin Wilcox as the mother, "A Rainy Day" is a small but important triumph for Ms. Brickell.  In one delicate half hour, she succeeds in gently baring the innermost motivations of several real  human beings.  It is a superb half hour, unique in film or TV.


A Rainy Day Home

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