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"This poignant tale of a mother-daughter relationship written, produced, directed and co-edited by Beth Brickell, is an exquisitely fulfilled moment in time…In one delicate half hour, she succeeds in gently baring the innermost motivations of several real human beings. It is a superb half hour, unique in film or TV." Arthur Unger, Christian Science Monitor (Full review in Press Clippings.)

"A Rainy Day is a powerful and moving example of how less can indeed sometimes be more." Gail Williams, Hollywood Reporter (Full review in Press Clippings.)

"…sensitive and moving…" Jerry Buck, Associated Press

"It’s a beautifully made and deeply touching film…and says more in its 28-or-so minutes than many a feature on the same subject has said in two hours." Judith Crist, TV Guide

"It’s a rare gem, a story that touches the emotions, that brings tears to the eyes, and reaches into the heart for understanding and love." Kay Gardella, New York Daily News

"A Rainy Day is a marvelous half-hour of drama and fine acting. Hartley, Wilcox, Holland and Gold are equally excellent in this half-hour that ends just too soon." Frank Torrez, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

"…what is remarkable within the film is the shifting perspective – the past not only found but reinterpreted – that Brickell brings to the mother-daughter relationship." Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

"…such a lovely surprise…an unexpected gift…" Harriet Van Horne, Newsday

"This moving film will be riveting viewing for public library audiences and will be a noteworthy short fiction selection for high school and college film students."  BAH, Booklist  (Full review in Press Clippings.)

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